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423f80f41e518544ebd780194cb6cc4fA Restaurant with Rooms

Russell’s opened in 2004, following a painstaking restoration, which transformed this historic building into an elegant and contemporary ‘restaurant with rooms’.

A modern, airy restaurant with terrace and private dining room are located on the ground floor, with seven individually designed bedrooms within the same building.

Gordon Russell

Russell’s is housed in, and takes its name from the old workshop (pictured left) of the influential 20th Century British furniture designer, Sir Gordon Russell. Russell, who moved to Broadway with his father in 1904, spearheaded the government’s utility furniture scheme during World War II, opening a workshop in the current Russell’s building in 1923. Greatly influenced by the Arts & Crafts movement, he employed 200 highly skilled craftsmen in his firm over the next 60 years.

Visit the Gordon Russell Museum for more information about the life and work of Gordon Russell