Charlie’s Success Story

Back in April we held a very special charity dinner in aid of little Charlie Hodgkins, son of Russell’s chef Matt. Unfortunately, Charlie developed plagiocephaly, flat head syndrome, within the first 2 months of his life, and needed cranial helmet therapy to treat his condition. However, as this treatment was not funded by the NHS we turned to you to help little Charlie.

The charity dinner as well as donations to Charlie’s Just Giving page have raised an astonishing…


…which was not only enough to provide Charlie with his helmet and treatment, but amazingly enough to help another two children by raising funds for two more helmets, which we donated to

8 months on and Charlie’s treatment is a success! On his first appointment, he was classed with a severe case of plagiocephaly and his asymmetry was assessed at 92%. After his treatment this went down to mild with a fantastic result of 85%, which is almost within the normal range of 83%.

A little message from Charlie and family…

Christmas time is here again and for our son Charlie, this has been a very special year as he was helped by so many people! We would like to thank everyone for all your help and support. For all your unbelievable donations, People and local businesses that donated amazing raffle prices and those who attended the gourmet dinner for Charlie at Russell’s, where all my work colleagues and friends gave up there own time to work that night to help make it so special! We can’t put into words how fantastic it’s all been.

Starting Charlie’s therapy would have been a struggle if it wasn’t for all of your kind donations, and we can’t thank everyone enough for helping us with Charlie’s treatment! It’s been a wish come true for all of us.

We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Love Charlie, Chef Matt, Boogie and Luna xx

If you would like to find out more about plagiocephaly, and other success stories please visit