What do you like best about Russell’s? Now is the chance to have your say – and help us win

an award.

The Cotswolds Awards gives customers the opportunity to vote for the best restaurants,

hotels and shops in this delightful area.

What’s really interesting about these awards is you can nominate anyone or anything you

like – you get to make up your own category.

So if you want to vote for your favourite restaurant (hint, hint) wine list or sauce – you decide

not only who to nominate but what to nominate them for if you wish.

Perhaps some of our regulars will put us forward for “best modern British menu” or “best

location”. Or perhaps “friendliest welcome”.

But it’s up to you – click here www.cotswoldsawards.co.uk/nominate-here/ to nominate

Russell’s – a Restaurant with Rooms for a place among the best in the Cotswolds.